Urban Living Lab

What is it? Who is involved?

SmartFood Urban Living Lab is a platform of implementation of the project objectives through collaboration between:
  • city residents,
  • Polish and Norwegian scientists, 
  • public authorities,
  • enterprises. 

What activities are planned?

Working together and in parallel in several areas of sustainability (food, water, energy, behaviour change and IT), the Urban Living Lab will allow for:
  • developing and testing new solutions for urban food consumption and production

  • acquiring new knowledge about solutions under development and challenges related with their implementation

  • supporting the sustainable development and integration of residents, scientists, entrepreneurs and local authorities.

Where will this happen?

A crucial element of the Smart Food Urban Living Lab is the space where innovations arise: it is not a virtual world or a research laboratory, but the actual environment of an urban apartment block in Central Poland, in the City of Łódź.

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