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Norwegian Institute for Air Research

 NILU is an independent research foundation. Our research aims to increase knowledge and understanding of processes related to climate change, the composition of the atmosphere, air quality and hazardous substances as well as their effects on health and the environment. Since 1969, our research has contributed to good climate, a healthy environment, and sustainable society. We emphasise open research, open publication, and open-source code. In SmartFood, NILUs main responsibility is co-design and development of IT SmartFood infrastructure and system. In addition, NILU will be involved in measuring impact of the project, including quantitative analysis of CO2 and GHG emissions related to food production and transportation.

NILU's Team in SmartFood

Dr. Tuan-Vu Cao

Head of SmartFood research team at NILU

Tuan-Vu is a graduate of University of Oslo with a PhD in Electronics Engineering. He contributes to SmartFood with his knowledge and expertise on emerging technologies (advanced sensors, wireless communication, Machine Learning based modelling) for environmental monitoring. In the project he performs R&D activities on Sensing systems for food hydroponics cabinets.  

Håvard Vika  Røen

 Researcher (programming and software development)

Håvard is a graduate of Høgskolestiftelsen på Kjeller. He contributes to SmartFood with knowledge of programming and system development. In this project he is involved in the development of the SmartFood app, game and platform for communication. 

Mirjam Fredriksen

   Researcher (programming and software development)

Mirjam is a graduate of Norwegian School of Information Technology. She contributes to SmartFood with her knowledge about programming and leading software development projects. In this project she is involved in the development of the SmartFood app, game and platform for communication. 

Torbjørn Heltne

 Researcher (hardware development)

Torbjørn is a graduate from MRIH (now:NTNU). He contributes to SmartFood with his experience and knowledge about electronics hardware design, firmware development, embedded computers, sensor integration and data communication. 

Hai-Ying Liu

 Researcher (environmental impact assessment)

Hai-Ying is a senior scientist/ecologist at NILU, consultant for Nabolagshager on green and social cities activities, holds a PhD on environmental biology (UiO, NO, 2008) and MSc in landscape ecology (IMU, CN, 2001). She contributes to SmartFood on environmental impacts and sustainability assessment.  

Rune Åvar Ødegård


Rune is NILU’s Director for Digitalisation, and a graduate of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburg, in Environmental Pollution Control Management. As a former interdisciplinary researcher in environmental science and information technology, he has extensive knowledge of the various aspects concerning software development. He has 20 years of experience in managing, designing, developing and deploying a wide range of advanced environmental systems.

Dr. Matthias Vogt


Heidi Fjeldstad

 Financial officer at NILU

Christine Forsetlund Solbakken

Communication officer at NILU

Christine is a graduate of the University of Oslo, Volda University College and BI Norwegian Business School. She contributes to SmartFood with her knowledge and expertise about communication. In SmartFood, Christine is NILU’s communication representative, aiding the dissemination.