FIrst co-desing workshop

On 25th May 2022 we organised the first SmartFood co-design workshop. It was an opportunity to present how people living in blocks of flats can engage in year-round food production in the corridor of their building. During three sessions moderated by sectoral scientific experts, participants could share their needs, preferences and expectations on how SmartFood innovations should work and look. Thanks to using a virtual interactive whiteboard to visualise various ideas,  participants could easily comment on alternative solutions and vote on the most preferred options. 

Feedback collected during the workshop will allow us to improve the design of the following SmartFood components:

1) SmartFood Cabinets: devices that will allow growing vegetables and fruit in the corridor of a block of flats all year round.

2) SmartFood PV: a photovoltaic installation that will allow obtaining clean energy, necessary for plant growth.

3) SmartFood Water: a rainwater collection and treatment system that will allow obtaining non-tap water necessary for plant growth.