SmartFood vision is born

Polish National Centre for Research Development in collaboration with the Norwegian Research Council organise IdeaLab workshop – an unconventional space for experts from a variety of backgrounds to meet and develop new ideas that support cities of the future in addressing unforeseen challenges bound to arise.

Researchers from Poland and Norway meet for the first time and SmartFood project idea is born. 
CC BY SA (Public License): https://indiiigo.github.io/participatory-compsocsci-documentation/

Start of SmartFood co-design phase

After months of preparations and evaluation by international experts, appointed by the National Centre for Research and Development, SmartFood project started the co-design phase: planning of SmartFood innovations by researchers together with citizens.

Start of SmartFood lab-scale tests


Urban Living Lab pilot tests with 3 households 

3-4 weeks of pilot tests with selected 3 households, fine-tuning of prototype solutions

Urban Living Lab full-scale tests start

12 months of tests with 20 households


SmartFood conclusion

Polish and Norwegian researchers report on the SmartFood impacts, plan scaling-up and draw lessons learnt from the project