Our partnership

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

The Maria Grzegorzewska University

Our University, established in 1922, is situated in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, where busy city life mixes with the tranquillity of nearby parks. Among our biggest advantages are highly qualified staff and interesting programs of study such as Psychology, Sociology, Pedagogy, Special Education, Social Work and Artistic Education. We introduce sustainability to our everyday learning process by including diverse projects, e.g. Green school backpack for the Earth's climate or Environmental education for sustainable development in initial teacher education. We are glad to have a possibility to prepare our teachers for the educational challenges, including care for our planet and sustainability. In SmartFood MGU is responsible for qualitative and quantitative assessment of users’ attitudes and behaviours connected with food consumption, healthy eating habits and reduction of food wasting, as well as analysis of users’ experience based on SmartFood implementation.

MGU's Team in SmartFood

Dr. Ewa Duda

 Head of SmartFood research team at MGU

Ewa Duda is a graduate of Warsaw University and a holder of Diploma of Maria Grzegorzewska University (PhD of Social Sciences). She contributes to SmartFood with her knowledge and expertise on education. In the project she performs research on urban education, behaviour change, pro-environmental behaviours. 

Dr. Adamina Korwin-Szymanowska

 Researcher at MGU

Adamina Korwin-Szymanowska is a graduate of Maria Grzegorzewska University, Warsaw University and University of Social Sciences with a PhD in Health Education. She contributes to SmartFood with her competencies on education for sustainable development. In the project she focuses on social innovation.  

Małgorzata Kamińska

 Financial Officer at MGU

 Małgorzata Kamińska is a member of the Operational, Structural and Education Project Group at MGU. She is responsible for the finance and administration of the SmartFood running at MGU.