General goal

to provide a novel evidence-based socio-technological framework of sustainable food production and consumption towards the sustainable smart city of the future by engaging micro-local communities through novel in-house food self-production and households’ behavioural change of diet, for the purpose of: 

improving health outcomes 
reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste of energy
improved social inclusion and greater citizen awareness.

SmartFood objective 1:

Develop an innovative hydroponic food self-production system to be installed in corridors of buildings for providing sustainable food to the citizen

Expected outcome: 
Replace at least 5% of urban households’ consumption of
transported foods with local, self-grown, fresh and sustainable produce

SmartFood objective 2:

Co-design with households a suite of innovative toolkits (Game & App) for enhanced quantification, engagement and impact evaluation of changing eating habits and reducing food waste.

Expected outcome:
Motivate at least 40% of urban households in a selected block of flats to commit to more sustainable food consumption patterns and fulfil at least 40% of their commitments

SmartFood objective 3:

Integrate citizens’ behavior and attitudes at the heart of socio-technological framework of food production and consumption to assess the impact of social nudging food related interventions to improve social cohesion and sustainable community-building through social connectedness.

Expected outcome: 
Encourage community-based interactions between at least 40% of urban households in a selected block of flats to increase their social connectedness and put the vision of food sharing economy into a reality

SmartFood objective 4:

Provide evidence-based policy recommendations on greening food production and consumption to ensure that future city policies are reflective of citizen’s visions for their future city

Expected outcome: 
Provide evidence-based policy making for urban stakeholders facilitating the processes of greening food consumption in smart cities of the future

How are we going to achieve these objectives?